Day 294

Day 294 of the #365drawingchallenge continues #31DaysOfHalloween with a request for the Headless Horseman. I love Sleepy Hollow, it’s one of America’s oldest tales. I’ve read the original Washington Irving poem and it still holds up. I love the imagery. It’s always fun when they incorporate it into Halloween episodes of shows, and there’ve been a few good movie adaptations. I tried watching the Sleepy Hollow TV show, but it lost me by the end of the first season. Maybe I’ll try it again sometime. I actually have a full sized Headless Horseman figure standing next to my desk for Halloween right now. My son asked my to draw this, but truth be told it was already on my list. I consider this to be the most iconic Halloween image there is. My son suggested that I make blue flames coming out and I thought it actually looked really cool and gave it a different look.

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