Greetings, boils and ghouls. Day 293 of the #365drawingchallenge continues #31DaysOfHalloween with the Cryptkeeper from Tales From The Crypt. Another one I’m finishing just before midnight! And I’m tired because I had a bad sleep last night, so I’m not going to write much. I drew this while I was high, and it’s the first time I’ve done that. So that was an experience. Just weed, not anything too potent. That’s all I’ve ever tried, and it’s only a pretty recent thing. I’m still coming off it now as I right this. I’m interested in seeing how this looks to me tomorrow, if I notice any effects. I have drawn quite a bit while buzzed or drunk , fittingly much of it for Black Snow. I once saw a thing where an artist tried drawing on a bunch of different drugs, and I thought it was pretty fascinating. Anyway, I like Tales From The Crypt. I love the cheesy old horror comics it was based off. I love goofy horror hosts. I didn’t have HBO growing up, hell, it was a while before I got any cable, but I’d catch the show at some friends houses. The into alone was amazing. Well, now it’s actually just passed midnight, which makes it tomorrow. And I’ve got an early day in the morning. Ight Imma Head Out.

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