Day 311

Day 311 of the #365drawingchallenge is Social Distortion’s iconic logo, the skeleton smoking a cigarette and drinking a martini. Social Distortion is one of my favorite bands, and I’ve always loved the logo, so I thought it would be fun to take a stab at redesigning it. I did something kind of different here and with my Super Mario Bros. drawing the other day. Usually I lay down the drawing in light blue lines then redraw it with the dark black lines you see in the final drawing, but here I just went straight to the final lines without laying down any lighter lines to work off of. It’s a time saver in some ways, but also more of a challenge and risk. I’m not sure how much of a difference it makes to the end product, but sometimes I like to mess around with my process.

My favorite hat I’ve ever owned was a cream colored baseball cap with a black brim and black snaps on the back, and the Social Distortion skeleton in black on the front. Unfortunately it got to sweat stained and gross at some point do I got rid of it, but I miss it. And it’s a funny story about how I got the hat. I was in high school and had just recently got my license. My best friend told me his buddy had tickets to the Social Distortion show that night in San Francisco and would give them to us if we gave him a ride. Even though I was a new driver and had never driven that far (about an hour away), and was fairly nervous to drive the confusing, steep roads of San Francisco, I really wanted to see the show. I could not get ahold of my dad to ask if it was ok, he was at a Packers/Niners game and not answering his phone. So I asked my grandparents, which was a pretty unusual move, and they said yes. I took the family Volvo station wagon and left. I’ll mention this was before I had a cellphone, so once I left there was no way to reach me. Also, there was no GPS or anything, just some printed MapQuest directions to work from. Somehow I got us there safely, we parked in a garage, which was scary in itself, our buddy gave us his tickets and bought one from a scalper for himself, and we went to the show. And it was really cool. I think we were the only underage people there, most of the crowd was 30 somethings dressed like 1950’s greasers. The venue was really cool, two stories where you could view the stage. And I loved it all and bought my hat. The show lasted longer than we thought, ending around midnight. I knew that wasn’t good, I had school the next day and still had to drive my friends home. So I was already thinking I was in trouble, but then we got to the parking garage and found out it was locked up for the night, it had closed at midnight and we were about 15 minutes too late. So then we were all panicked. After a lot of scrambling and almost running out of change at a payphone we found a friend who was willing to pick us up. Then I called my dad to tell him what happened but let him know we had it figured out. Our friend took another hour or two to get us, so we just stood around tired and cold in the dark on the street. I didn’t get home until like 3 in the morning, and my dad made sure I got up on time so he could drive me to school the next day. In the end, while he was pretty angry he was still pretty cool and drove me to get the car that night after work. My sister came and we got a nice dinner, so it wasn’t that bad.

So it ended up being one of my foolish teenage moments, but also a learning experience. But it’s one I’ll never forget and wouldn’t change. And the hat, while looking awesome, was a nice reminder of that crazy time in my left. Maybe I’ll see if they still sell it.

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