Day 314

I was super sick for Day 314 of the #365drawingchallenge so I actually wasn’t able to do my daily drawing.  I drew this pencil drawing of a skull the next day to make up for it. I was really sad when I couldn’t do the drawing, but I was so sick that I literally could not sit up without vomiting violently. It was the sickest I have been in years. And I’m still feeling it as of writing this. I just have no energy. And when I’m in a situation like that I like to go with traditional drawing. I haven’t done much pencil drawing this year, so I wanted to do that and work with shading. And I like drawing skulls. To make it a bit different I wanted to draw it with eyeballs and the mouth open. And I think it actually turned out really cool. I really like the shadow work.

Screaming Skull

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