Day 316

Day 316 of the #365drawingchallenge is actor Steve Buscemi.  What’s your favorite role of his? He’s been a favorite of mine since the 90s when I saw him in Pete and Pete, and a bunch of movies like Fargo and Reservoir Dogs. He was kind of a cult guy who seemed to pop up in everything, and I thought he was great. He could do drama and comedy equally well. And he had such a unique face. There was always an inherent sadness to his face that was kind of beautiful. Of course he ended up blowing up into the mainstream with Boardwalk Empire, which I really enjoyed. Anyway, I tried to capture one one his subtle sad faces here. I don’t think he’s even trying to look sad, it just comes off that way. And I did a little more with the shading here to bring in some color and try to make it a bit more dynamic.

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