Day 319

Day 319 of the #365drawingchallenge a colorful flaming tiki. It is somewhat similar to a tiki drawing I did 4 years ago.

Flaming Tiki art print

That drawing was done in pen on paper at a convention, then colored digitally later. I actually have it framed and printed on my wall in my little tiki art area. And as much as I like that one there are a couple things about it that bother me, so I wanted to see if I could improve it a bit. And I think I did. This drawing was fully digital, and I did the thing that I’ve tried a few times lately where I did not lay down any sketch lines, I just went for it with the final lines. And I decided I wanted to have the tiki painted this time rather than just wood grain. I also wanted to make it bigger in personality and presence. I didn’t really sit down and look at my old drawing and try to work from that at all, I more tried to just come up with something new and looked at a bunch of tikis before deciding how I wanted it to look. And I think it turned out really well. Looking at the two drawings side by side I can see my improvement, which is always a nice feeling.

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