Day 326

Day 326 of the #365drawingchallenge is a parade of Shy Guys from Yoshi’s Island. As I said yesterday, I love Yoshi’s Island. It is one of my favorite games. And one of the things I liked about it was the variety of enemies. And I thought it was pretty cool that they took a fairly under used enemy like the Shy Guy and made it their most common. I loved that they expanded on Shy Guy and created a variety of types. Even the standard Shy Guy is one of the coolest Mario baddies with his mysterious mask and cute robe. These stumpy little guys are simultaneously adorable and creepy. And it was really fun drawing a bunch of different ones here. I was hesitant to include a Snifit, but when I looked it up they were acknowledged as a type of Shy Guy. Oh, after my drawing yesterday I started playing Yoshi’s New Island, which I realized I had never finished. I never got that far in it, so I have a bunch left to play. So that was kind of a nice surprise.

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