Day 331

Day 331 of the #365drawingchallenge comes from the foggy London streets, or is it from hell, Jack the Ripper. I drew Jack the Ripper years ago as part of a different drawing challenge. I did not look at that old drawing until this moment though, so it had not influence on the new one.

Jack the Ripper

It actually still looks pretty cool. A lot of times I don’t love looking back at my old drawings. Jack the Ripper is pretty fascinating. It really evokes a feeling of a very particular time and place that feels almost mythical and other worldly. I think serial killers in general are pretty interesting, but the mystery surrounding this one, and the taunting letters, make him one of the most interesting. The imagery surrounding him is also just amazing. I wanted to go with the idea of just showing some of the light details and sticking mostly with shadows that I’ve used quite a few times in this challenge. I just love that style, and I think it’s something I could do a lot more with. Why Jack the Ripper today? No particular reason. I don’t have much planned out anymore, so it’s basically whatever pops into my head.

Jack the Ripper

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