Day 336

Day 336 of the #365drawingchallenge is a request for the boys from South Park (Cartman, Kenny, Kyle and Stan) waiting for the bus. My son asked me to draw this as he somewhat recently got into this show. Against my wishes. Oh well. I remember when this show came out and it was the hottest thing. I was kind of sad because I saw so many kids into it when I was a summer camp counselor as a teen and I knew it wasn’t good for them. I already had my dad instincts. I thought the show was pretty funny, and I saw the movie in the theater. I stopped watching a long time ago though, and it’s pretty surprising that the show is still on. It was kind of fun to draw. Since the source material is so simple it’s fun to come up with your own details. And the construction paper backgrounds are really simple to imitate quickly but actually capture a scene rather well.

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