Day 364

Day 364 of the #365drawingchallenge is another self portrait, because I’m so vain, I probably think that song is about me. One day left! That was meant to be a joke about the vanity. I actually don’t particularly like the way I look. It’s tough when you go bald at a young age. Plus I’m a little heavier than I’d like. So why draw myself? It’s an easy subject because I can pose however I need for the drawing. I often pose and take selfies just for reference then draw the picture to resemble whatever character or subject I’m working on. Especially with comics, where the characters have to do a lot of stuff. It’s a pretty common thing amongst artists. Unless you happen to have a willing model nearby. But I was also trying to do some self expression here, and of course I love working with shadows and limited light. Everyone keeps asking what I have planned for the last day…Wait and see! It is something special.

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