Rocksteady and Bebop – Best Friends Forever

Rocksteady and Bebop - Best Friends Forever

I haven’t been drawing much lately and really fell off my schedule. So I want to fix that, and decided to start with a new print. I think this might be the first in a series of character skulls, marrying my fondness for drawing skulls and cartoons together. Bebop and Rocksteady are my favorite goofy best bud duo, so this idea came sort of naturally.

I also have some more Optimistically Cynical written that I need to draw, and once it’s done I’ll be set through June. And I really need to get to work on Paranormal Pinkerton. I’m a bit ashamed I haven’t gotten to it yet. March is going to be my return to making sure I’m drawing every day. And if that wasn’t enough I also need to get to work on an animatic for my friends short werewolf film. This year has already been a bit of a challenge because my day job got harder and more demanding, so I’m trying to find a good balance.

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