Dr. Robotnik Skull

Dr. Robotnik Skull - Eggman Skull

I really enjoyed the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, and have been playing a lot of Sonic games lately. While I was basically a Nintendo kid I did have a Genesis with all the Sonic games, and they were my favorite games for the system. I’m glad to see Robotnik get his name back in the movie, as Eggman is the dumbest name I ever heard and I was never able to get used to the switch. Kind of like Princess Toadstool or the Koopa Kids. You can’t call them one name for years then just tell me it’s something else. I love this skull. It’s really easy to recognize and feels sort of iconic. One of the tricks with these skulls is to pick ones that are easy to identify, wether that’s something like the shape or accouterments the wear or grow. Here we have the unique glasses, goggles on the top, and of course that huge mustache. Plus the skull shape is wider and shorter than normal. Did you know Robotnik was originally thought of as the star of the game, and his look was based off President Theadore Roosevelt? It’s true. I know a lot of Sonic trivia. I’m just waiting for the day it becomes relevant…

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