New Whiskey Labels

I’ve been working with the Beverage Warehouse in Beverly Hills, Michigan again to create some cool new whiskey labels. In the past they commissioned labels based on my drawing of the Spirit of Detroit and the Big Lebowski. We attempted to work on another one, first based on Back to the Future, then the Matrix, but things didn’t work out well. And while we talked about doing more in the future, including tequila, nothing ever happened and I just sort of assumed nothing ever would. So I was a bit surprised when they reached out to me to work on these new labels based on Marvel characters and John Wick.

I kind of needed it too. I’ve been fairly depressed lately, what with the world seemingly falling apart and all. I haven’t been motivated to draw at all. All the Optimistically Cynical comics you’ve seen for the last few months were drawn back in January and February. And at first I didn’t really think I wanted to draw these. But then I decided to buck up and get to work, and it helped me feel better. I had fun working on them, and I’m hoping to do more in the future.

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