Hanging Skeleton

Hang in There Skeleton

I thought it would be funny to do a sort of parody of the hang in there cat motivational poster. This was actually the second idea I had for it, but I may still do the first idea at some point. I was slightly hesitant to draw this since racial tensions have been so high and lynchings are on people’s minds, and I certainly don’t condone any sort of hate crime or racial intolerance. But in the end I decided there was nothing inherently racial about a hanging skeleton, which has always been a staple of my Halloween decorating and spooky movies. So I hope no one takes it the wrong way.

That was one of my factors for making it a slightly more abstract, simple skeleton with no shading or anything. It’s meant to be funny. If you’ve followed my art for any length of time you know I like drawing skeletons and working in black and white, so this was right up my alley. I see a decent amount of skull and skeleton art in my Instagram feed that is kind of along these lines with a black and white skeleton drawing and a short saying, and I’m a fan of it. So this was also me doing something in that style, which I’d like to do more of.

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