Scud The Disposable Assassin

Scud The Disposable Assassin

Scud is a lot like The Maxx that I drew yesterday, a go to 90s comic book character I love to draw. Going back to these type of stylish characters is kind of like comfort food. I was originally attracted to it mainly because of the visuals, but I have read it all and enjoy the humor and story as well. I have a pretty strong memory of playing the Scud video game for the Sega Saturn at my friends house during my middle school years, and that may have been my introduction to the character. I actually picked up a Sega Saturn and the game myself a couple years ago to kind of relive that time. Not the best game, but fun and nostalgic. I feel a little sad in a way when characters like Scud are all but forgotten by the general public. So it makes me happy when I see people react to my drawings like this excitedly as they remember the somewhat obscure comic books of their youth. I love Scud’s angular, lanky design and over the top shooting poses. It makes him so much fun to draw. And the comic books themselves were sort of brilliant in the way they depicted movement and gave everything a sort of kinetic, frantic energy. It’s something I still admire about them.

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