The quote and title are from a song by Operation Ivy, one of my favorite punk bands, short lived as they were. And no, Rancid is not the same thing. I also put a version up for sale without the quote in case people just like the drawing. It also mage it easier to size for products. The quote is basically a play off the quote “I know that I know nothing” by Plato, which apparently was a paraphrase of Socrates. What does it mean? Basically acknowledging your limitations and that there is a lot more out there you will likely never learn. That sounds bleak in a way, but the more positive spin is that you should never stop learning because there is more to pursue. Why the skull with the exposed brain? Because underneath, that is all we are. Whatever we learn or accomplish, we are all just meat and bones. The irony with this quote is the double negative, which means that you do in fact know something. Whether this is a sly play on the original meaning or the result of actual ignorance is up to you.

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