Mr. Meeseeks

Mr. Meeseeks

I’m pretty sure I drew Rick and Morty at some point last year, so I thought I’d draw a tribute to one of my favorite episodes. The Meeseeks are really funny, and I love the idea of something so simple, pure and seemingly easy going completely off the rails. The most happy, good natured beings deteriorating and experiencing existential crisis because they cannot figure out how to help Jerry with his short game is just hysterical. I’m not like a super fan, but I do generally really enjoy Rick and Morty. It’s no Futurama, but what is. I like absurd humor or drama that challenges you in some ways and makes you think about things you normally wouldn’t. I just finished watching Lodge 49 and really enjoyed it because it had a bit of those elements. Anything that makes you at least question your world view is a positive in my book.

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