Krumm from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

This is a follow up to Ickis yesterday, and tomorrow I’ll draw Oblina. I really like this one. The Ickis was fun, but this one has so much more going on. All the wrinkles and folds, warts and hairs, the stubby baby arms and feet, and those eyeballs! I really liked the idea of making it look painful that he had to hold his own eyes. And I really wanted to make his tiny limbs both sort of cute and grotesque at the same time. I love how he has this sort of stupid, feral look to him. Like you don’t know what is going on in his brain, but it’s probably just instinct. I think I want to do this type of thing with more cartoon characters when I finish these three. It’s really fun coming up with ways to make them look wild and gross, and it gives a certain freedom that I really enjoy.

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