Hey Arnold!

I was never the biggest Arnold fan. I can’t really say why either. I do find the character designs kind of ugly. The urban environments are really beautiful though. The stories were kind of slow and grounded a lot of times, which was kind of boring. Though I really liked Doug, and rewatching that a couple years ago I found it really slow and kind of boring. Maybe it was because the show got pretty maudlin at times. I don’t know. I like it a little more as an adult when I’ve watched it with my kids, but it’s still nothing I’d sit down and watch on my own. But that doesn’t mean I won’t draw him! Hell, I disliked Angry Beavers and CatDog pretty strongly, but I can still draw them and find some things to appreciate. People seem to really enjoy when I draw Nicktoons, and I have fun doing it. Here I tried to capture some of Arnold’s swagger and the show’s coolness.

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