I thought of this while I was working on that no mouth drawing yesterday. I just thought it would be cool if something scary was in the mouth or coming out the mouth, and eyes in your mouth is pretty damn scary. I made it black and white except for the mouth to really try to emphasize the focal point. Are they her eyes? Is something else inside her? This was kind of inspired by an old vhs cover for some horror movie I used to see at Blockbuster all the time. I don’t recall the name, and I never rented it, but I’d look at the box every time. I used to take forever at the video store looking at all the boxes before I’d pick something. And I used to love going there. There was a real art to vhs covers, and I still remember a lot of them this day even though I haven’t seen them in like 20 years. I kind of miss going to the video store, and I think it’s really cool on rare occasions were I find some that still exist. Anyway, I love this drawing, and I think I’ll keep up with some horror art for the time being.

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