“Fluffy” from Creepshow

"Fluffy" from Creepshow

I really like Creepshow. It’s a really fun collection of stories, and when they try to make it like a horror comic book it just goes crazy. The sequel was alright too. Not as good, but alright. I think I saw there was a third one, and I’ve heard there is a new tv show, but I haven’t seen those. But the first one is great. Every story in it is entertaining. The one with the monster in the crate is probably my favorite. The fantasy moments, overbearing wife, and craziness of the mysterious creature come together for something really enjoyable. I was watching a collection of Tom Savini’s appearances on David Letterman recently and he busted out the monster puppet from the movie, and I learned it was called fluffy. Those appearances are amazing, by the way. Worth seeking out if you are a horror and special effects fan. This was a lot of fun to draw, and I was tempted to draw it with half blue and half red lighting like the movie, but I thought some more straight forward coloring would work better.

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