Inktober Days 9 Throw, 10 Hope, 11 Disgusting and 12 Slippery

Inktober Day 9 Throw
Inktober Day 1o Hope
Inktober Day 11 Disgusting
Inktober Day 12 Slippery

I saw the Throw prompt on Friday and just didn’t feel like doing it. I wasn’t sure what to draw and wasn’t excited about it. I still planned on doing it, then I just didn’t. And I didn’t feel like drawing anything this weekend. I don’t know why, the drive to draw just tends to come and go. So this morning I decided to get caught up on all these prompts. Throw was still tough, and I did it last. Hope came easy, and I knew I wanted the image of a plant growing out of the cement cracks. I like to look to nature for hope. Disgusting had a ton of possibilities, but a zombie missing the lower jaw just sounded found. And its’ pretty damn gross. Slippery was fun. It’s similar to a drawing I did of Goofy last year. I only roughed out the bare details in pencil then just really dove into it with my pen brush. I like working that way when possible. It is a little more risky since any details you aren’t happy with that you worked out in pen will be permanent. But it takes a lot less time to draw than having to do the whole thing twice. It also allows for more spontaneity and forces you to hone your skills a bit. Then came throw. At first I wanted to draw a cave man throwing a spear, but I was having trouble with it. Then I started drawing an athlete throwing a javelin, but I wasn’t happy with it and my brush ran out of ink, making it look worse. So I found a refill and decided to just go with a detailed baseball in flight. And I actually like it.

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