Inktober Days 28 and 29

Inktober Day 28 Float
Inktober Day 29 Shoes

Day 28’s prompt was float, so my first thought was Pennywise and all the talk about how you’ll float too. I know I drew Pennywise recently, but I thought this was a different enough approach that it wouldn’t feel the same. Originally I was going to draw the old Pennywise but I didn’t like the way it looked, and I thought the new version had a look that would work better in black and white.

Day 29’s prompt was shoes. That had me a bit stumped. I thought about drawing Hermes wearing his flying sandals, but it seemed pretty hard. Then I thought of Sonic and his iconic shoes. At first I drew the more modern Sonic design, and basically finished it in pencil, but decided I really didn’t like the way it looked. So I erased the whole thing and went for the classic style that I’ve always preferred. This was based a lot on his look in the Sonic Mania animations.

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