Mr. Tastee

Mr. Tastee

Who is Mr. Tastee? No one knows for sure, but there are many theories and legends. If you have no idea who this is, he is the mysterious ice cream man who brings those Blue Tornado Bars to Wellsville ever summer in The Adventures of Pete and Pete. I’ve written about it several times before, and even drawn my favorite episode Halloweenie, and I just love that show. It had an impact on me as a Nickelodeon loving kid in the 90s and still holds up today. Anyway, Mr. Tastee never removes his mask, leading to big Pete wondering who he really is and what he’s really like. He appeared on the show a couple times from what I remember, but one episode in particular really focused on him and his mystery. Not only was it a beautiful homage to summer time as a kid, it also tapped into how mysterious and wonderful the world can be as a kid. I remember really connecting with the idea that there could be something really interesting about the people around you that you only know on a surface level.

So I guess I’m back and drawing. I’ve been pretty quiet so far for 2021, but I’m feeling reinvigorated and ready to draw. So stay tuned for more doses of nostalgia and whatever else pops into my mind.

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