Porky Pig Whiskey

Porky Pig Comic Whiskey Label

Here are 4 new whiskey labels I drew based of of some old Porky Pig comic book covers for a whiskey called WhistlePig. This were kind of weird to draw for a couple reasons. I was very split on them, part of me found it really fun to tapped into the old cartoon comic aesthetic but another part of me didn’t want to draw them at all. I really procrastinated on it for some reason. I just really wasn’t in a drawing mood for the first couple months of this year. But once I actually started on them it went pretty smoothly and I had fun. And I really love the way they turned out.

Typically these days I sort of specialize in drawing real things in a graphic style, so this was a bit different since I was recreating cartoons and trying to do so in an old fashioned style. To add to that I went with the old dot matrix style of coloring to give it that old comic print feel. And I think it really added to it. That’s something I’ve wanted to try for awhile and I think it really added to the overall look here. And I really like the way it all looks as a collection.

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