Day Camp

Day Camp

Day Camp is the semi-autobiographical webcomic about a thrown together group of young teens forced to spend their summers together being supervised by slightly older teen leaders at the local San Jose summer day camp. They all grow and learn together as they come of age during the most awkward periods of adolescence. Whether they are sitting around bored, going on field trips, playing games, camping overnight, fighting, dating or just examining the world around them the results are always hilarious. This is one summer camp you might actually want to attend!

Cheese Pt. 1

Cheese Pt. 2


Mark Pt. 2

Mark Pt. 3


Serena Pt. 2

Kevin and Joel


Ratitude! Pt. 2

The Clique

Travis's Brother

Travis's Brother Pt. 2

The Clique Pt. 2

The Clique Pt. 3

The Clique Pt. 4

Awkward Wave


Miles Pt. 2

Miles Pt. 3

Miles Pt. 4

Miles Pt. 5

The Return of Kevin and Joel

Benny and Sam

Travis and the Clique

Alex and Michael

Alex and Michael Pt. 2