You may ask, “Is this comic just going to be making fun of Detroit?” And I’d answer, “Kind of.” I mean look at the different meanings of the comic’s name.

Don’t all comic strips make fun of something, at least on some level? All funny ones that is.

But we’re not just going to be making fun of Detroit. Oh no. We’ll make fun of a lot of things beyond the city limits.

You might think that we should lay off Detroit. Don’t they have it hard enough? Aren’t we kicking a man when he’s already down?

No, because behind it all is love. This is really a love letter to Detroit written in the best way we know how. It’s also meant to brings some issues to light that the rest of the country/world seems ignorant of.

Over the last ten years of doing Black Snow (which is set in Detroit) we’ve become known as the Detroit guys in many comic circles. The first question we’re usually asked is “Are you from Detroit?” To which we answer “No, we’re just big fans.”

Then the person asking stares at us like we’ve just said the dumbest thing they’ve ever heard. We’re thinking of just lying and saying yes from now on.

But after all this time Detroit has almost come to feel like a second home. I research it regularly. I follow their current events closely. I watch things set there. I feel a genuine affinity and connection to the city, so much that just hearing it said instantly peaks my interest. More-so than my real home town of San Jose, Ca.

And Alex seems to feel the same way.

So we love Detroit as much as two guys who have never been to Detroit possibly can.

And maybe when you read this comic you’ll start to love it too.