Guest Art

Black Snow by Nick Gonzo

A gritty portrayal of Black Snow having destroyed some withes celebrating Walpurgisnacht.  It was done by Nick Gonzo as part of an United Webcomics event.  You can see more of his work in his comic Execution Day.


The Lone Wolf as drawn by Kenn Wislander

The winner of the I’m Famous! Second Anniversary Drawing Contest, the Lone Wolf by Kenn Wislander of The Angry Bunny

Black Snow and the Lone Wolf as drawn by Lloyd Cheatham Jr
Black Snow and the Lone Wolf as drawn by Lloyd Cheatham Jr.  Check out his comic B.O.D. Brawl Or Die

The Lone Wolf Begins

The Lone Wolf Begins! by Mark “Rawr” Egan.  Check out his comic Back Office.


Black Snow lighting up in front of Detroit's Fist of a Champion

A beautiful drawing of Black Snow lighting up a cig in front of Detroit’s monument to Joe Louis, Fist of a Champion by Sean Harrington.  Take some time to read his always sexy and exciting comic, Spying With Lana.


Black Snow Anime style

A fun anime inspired redesign of Black Snow and the gang by our good friend from Oslo, Mark “Rawr” Egan. You can check out more of his stuff at

An old school style Black Snow comic by Argentinian artist Eduardo Marquez

The Lone Wolf drawn by Adrian Ropp

Check out this awesomely heroic Lone Wolf drawn by Adrian Ropp.  You can read his really fun classic style comic Chim Chum and the Portly Samurai

Contact us if you’d like to create a guest strip or pinup art.