Praise For Black Snow

Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum was voted The 2nd Best Webcomic of 2011 in the Washington Post

“Nice work, love the shadows and darkness of the art …at the same time with humour. I always like to see different type. This webcomic’s not standard like manga and american style… bit more cartoonistic I would say. Good story and nice artwork….Keep up the good work.” – Alexandre Robillard, Creator of Zorhyon

“We visited the site and were impressed with the comics’ story and artwork.” – Roxanne May Hermoso, webmaster of 2-Clicks-Comics

“…good work. I do like your humour :)” – Ian Brayshaw, admin of

“Your comic looks cool.” – Buddy Scalera of After Hours Press

“It’s a little bit camp, a little gritty and filled with a lot of character. At its heart, it is a true superhero story.” – Delos Woodruff, reviewer at

“I want his shirt (anti-hero)! :D” – Lilly Cernak, creator of Farewell Feeling

“I dig your stuff!” – Dan, creator of Fletcher Comics

“What happens when you possess superpowers you can’t control? Disaster of course! Add a couple off oddballs to the already cranked up life a drunkard superhero and it’s a tangled story all in all. Black Snow comics is just about that, a bizarre superhero with a gang of misfits embarking into equally bizarre adventures….” – Luke, a fan at 2-Click-Comics