The Comics

Optimistically CynicalOptimistically Cynical is a tale about a young teddy bear named Filo who has just graduated college and is now experiencing the world as an independent adult for the first time. He’s in for many harsh, eye-opening life lessons in this entertaining coming-of-age story.
Paranormal PinkertonParanormal Pinkerton follows the adventures of Pinkerton agent Agustus Eldrige as he hunts down all manner of bizarre and supernatural creatures around the old west.  When a case is too strange the Pinkertons know there is only one man for the job.
black-snow-tdm-webcomicBlack Snow is the dark, gritty, yet oddly comedic modern day noir graphic novel (though it started as comic book series) about an unsuccessful alcoholic wannabe superhero living in Detroit. He and his collection of eclectic friends and roommates inadvertently find themselves in the middle of a gang war for the control of the Motor City and the police retaliation.
I'm Famous!I’m Famous! is the glib, bizarre, irreverent story of the pompous and quite insane superhero known as The Lone Wolf and his never ending quest for fame and glory. Follow his self promoting adventures as he strives to grow his entourage, network with showbiz elite and market himself until becoming truly immortalized as a Hollywood icon by turning his best selling autobiography into a blockbuster hit.
I'm Famous in Japan!I’m Famous in Japan! follows the Lone Wolf and company as they foray to the land of the setting sun, Japan, on a promotional tour. And they’re doing it manga style thanks to the art of Mark “Rawr” Egan! Everything you love about I’m Famous! mocking Hollywood brought across to the other side of the planet.

Retired Comics

The Black Snow Comic BooksBlack Snow – The Comic Books Before Black Snow was the series of beloved graphic novels you now know and love it was an underground comic book! And some would say, not a very good one. Read it, if your curiosity so inclines.
Detroit Mock CityDetroit Mock City Our homeless tour guide Happy takes us through the once great metropolis of Detroit and educates us on some of the more interesting facts about the Motor City. Get prepared to see the Murder City through smelly, gin soaked, blood tinted glasses as it’s never been presented before!
Day CampDay Camp is a comic strip celebrating the awkwardness of adolescence by following the non-adventures of young teens who are forced to spend their summers together at camp. It deals with that exciting period in life where you begin to discover what the world is really all about, and just how screwed up everything really is.
Black Snow the Comic StripBlack Snow – The Comic Strip Did you know Black Snow had a short lived run as a comic strip in a college newspaper? It’s true, and you can read them all here.
Black PowerBlack Power is the comedic comic strip about Detroit’s only Black superhero, and the many double standards he faces because of his race.
Ah Hell Naw!Aw Hell Naw! is the outrageous comic strip created in a collaborative effort with Urban Image Magazine, which follows the hijinks of three precocious young Black brothers being raised by a single mom, and going to school in the inner city.