Praise For I’m Famous!

“I really got a kick out of your comic as well. I particularly like your concept, it is both original and a ton of fun to read. Keep up the great work!” – Jordan Cardwell, creator of Imagine Industries

“Got around to finally reading I’m Famous and it’s hilarious. You actually found a way to make Nazis funny again.” – Carlos F. Enriquez, creator of Atomic Phantom

I’m trying to think of something that will match the wonderfully dry wit of ‘I’m Famous’. (Hope I can pull it off!)…yourself and Alex are creating a wonderful comic universe that most people don’t have the ability or drive to do themselves. That alone is one hell of an achievement.” – Mark “Rawr!” Egan, creator of Back Office

“It is pretty funny, and the main character reminds me of Freakazoid.” – George T. Robertson, writer for Artificial

“…your stuff it cracks me up.” – Ian Kocan, admin of

“It definitely has a unique style…I really like the character design.” – Larry Marder, creator of Beanworld

“I think his main goal was to make his main character obnoxious, and it definitely exceeded that, because that guy was obnoxious.” – Digital Strips Podcast

“Keep up the good work!” – Shaun, creator of The Stranger