Webcast Beacon Network Review of Black Snow: The Complete Original Comic Book Series

Webcast Beacon Network Review of Black Snow: The Complete Original Comic Book Series

Black Snow
by Michael Balistreri & Alex Siquig

Alright, this is the second book from these guys, the first one being “I’m Famous!” (previously reviewed). Chronologically speaking, “Black Snow” is set and drawn before “I’m Famous!”. Though it looks like it was published in print AFTERWARDS.

Not a big deal. It just means that I read them out of order.


Black Snow comic book cover

This cover is a lot better. From the lettering of the title, to the scene choice. Its got a lot going for it. The art of the lead character on the cover isn’t terribly great, but isn’t terrible either.

… and this is about as good as the art gets from here.

The art in this comic book is a collection of comics from about 7 years. That means in includes some very stiff and crude art from the very beginning, and slowly gets better as the comic progresses.

That being said, the art doesn’t really ever get better than what we already saw in “I’m Famous!”. Though, unlike “I’m Famous!” this is entirely black and white.

Black Snow comic book

Now, I really don’t want to dog on the art too much. I don’t want to be mean, but the art isn’t that great. From proportions, to movement, and perspective… needs a lot of work.

But there is still that passion to tell a story here. Again, with a printed comic book with an ISBN, there is pride in that this comic was made and collected like this.

But would I buy it myself? No I wouldn’t.

However, with reading both of Michael and Alex’s books, I can say that I am hopeful that they keep at it, because there is a lot of promise in here, if they can learn and grow from the mistakes.

So with the art being what it is, it is up to the story to help carry it along. The story follows our protagonist “Black Snow”, who wears a costume that says “Anti Hero” on it… which is a bit confusing. However, it dawned on me that it is a joke in and of itself; since the character’s powers are actually random, and never quite help him out. At least I hope that was the joke.

Black Snow fight scene

In any case, its a story, with a cast of several heroes… or hero wannabes… in which they all basically want to make a name for themselves, to stake their claim in The Motor City. Many of these characters have their own development and arcs, several of which complete by the end of the comic.

So good points there.

Overall, I did have a hard time getting into the story. Even with a couple of extended fight sequences, the comic was losing my attention. Perhaps too much going on at once, or I was simply getting disinterested.

Still, compared to “I’M Famous!”, the storyline for Black Snow is actually muct tighter and more complex. We do get several appearances of Lone Wolf in this comic, but he doesn’t seem as insane. Something must have happened inbetween the two stories, in which he lost it.

This is “The Complete Original Comic Book Series” for Black Snow, so that means this book is all there is (aside from the spin-off comic). I will say that this comic book actually ends much, much better than “I’m Famous!”.

This is not a great comic, but I see the passion that went into it.