Tag Lines

Here are some tag lines that didn’t quite make the cut.

Black Snow: Imported from Detroit.

Once you go Black Snow you never go back.

Black Snow: Fighting crime one drink at a time.

Black Snow: The hip hop hero.

Black Snow: This ain’t your daddy’s comic book.

Black Snow: Worst super hero…ever.

Black Snow: So underground you’ll think you’re in the sewers.

Black Snow: Kicking yo’ ass and droppin’ it like it’s hot.

If you love comic books, hate comic books, or don’t give a damn about comic books,
then we’ve got the comic book for you: Black Snow.

Don’t eat the Black Snow.

Black Snow: Kicking ass and taking names, or just sitting around and talking a lot.

Once you go Black Snow, you never go back.

I’m Famous!: You don’t have to be crazy to love it, but it helps!

Black Snow: A complex hero for a complex time.

Black Snow: Smarter than the average beer.

Black Snow: America’s favorite comic, France’s worst nightmare.

Black Snow: As not seen on TV.

Black Snow: The coolest comic book you’ve never read.

Black Snow: The Motor City super hero.

Black Snow Comics: Two drink minimum.