Ahoy Black Snow lovers!

This is my first foray into the dangerous world of Black Snow blogging. Let me introduce myself. I am a low-down dirty slacker par excellence, but since it is no longer the 90s and Generation X (whatever that was) is out of vogue, I no longer can pull the charming slacker card. This ain’t no Richard Linklater film, and certainly not Reality Bites (which bites).

I learned roughly half the words I know from reading comic books. That is most definitely where I learned the word “origin” at least (roughly 1/4 of the words I know) from the back of a Wolverine trading card. In my heydey I had several huge boxes of comics (quality not always quantity). I had no personal investment in any of the comic wars, though generally I thought DC had better archetypes but Marvel had better characters, but that’s remarkably neither here nor there. I stopped buying comics because I am poor, but the medium is still one of my favorites, definitely rife with potential for telling the best stories without a budget (movies), lack of pictures (books), or borningness (plays/poetry).

To get inside my head a little about what I want out of Black Snow I would advise reading Preacher, Blood Syndicate, and the Savage Dragon. Also maybe a mixture of the Wire and Seinfeld. Anyway, (I will go into this in a later “blog”) but the comic has developed finally into what I finally feel is the direction we want to take it and that is exciting. It started out a thing to do, but now I feel there is a reason to tell this story, and that makes is so much easier and more enjoyable to do this.

With my closing statements I would like to applaud my partner in grime and crime, Dr. Balistreri for doing the incredible heavy lifting, art, website, and heart. Without him there is no doubt this project would have stalled like so many of my other attempts at creativity, and no one would have ever found out Nicodemus and Marmaduke are gay lovers. I know what you are thinking. “Who the hell are NICODEMUS and MARMADUKE?” They are minor characters in Black Snow. That is who they are. I like to end my blog posts with a whimper, not a bang. I also like spaghetti.

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