Over the last month or so I’ve done a lot of small enhancements throughout the website, which regular readers probably noticed.  I also did some off site promotion on Facebook and a few other websites like Smack Jeeves.  It seems like these things have payed off, as the overall traffic to the website has improved.  Even better, people are spending more time reading the comics.  Black Snow continues to do well, while Day Camp has had a very promising start.  It’s already begun to outshine our flagship title in the amount of readers!  Craziness, though I somewhat predicted that would happen.

I’m very happy so many people are now taking the time to follow my work, and hope this trend will continue.  I also hope it will start translating into some feedback, which I thrive on.  Please take the time to visit the community page and let us know your thoughts.  You can also communicate with other fans there on our forums or in one of the clubs.  Feel free to leave a comment on this post or you can e-mail me at michael@blacksnowcomic.com.  Hell, I’ll probably even e-mail you back if you aren’t too insulting!

While I was exploring some of these webcomic sites I took a look at what other people are doing, and I must say that most of it absolutely sucks!  It’s all manga and stolen 16 bit video game characters.  The video game stuff is especially repetitive and seems very prevalent.  I must have seen 50  comics featuring Sonic the hedgehog on one site alone.  People read this crap?  It takes not artistic talent to make, that’s for sure.  And what’s with all this crappy manga?  Is that all anyone knows how to draw now?  Some of what I saw was pretty good, but the bulk looked like little pre-teens doodling in their notebooks.  What I don’t think people realize is that they all lump together, and it makes the entire genre look bad.  At this point if a see any manga or anime I completely lose interest.  I won’t bother to look any deeper than the surface, because they basically all seem the same.

Alex and I went to the comic book store last week and what I saw there wasn’t much better.  It all looks the same and none of it is interesting!  What the hell happened?  No wonder the industry is floundering.  I’m not saying that what we do is some great work of fine art, but at least it’s original.  In a world of blandness the unique shall rise and rescue us all from the drudgery of another manga or boring Marvel/DC attempt to restart an ailing franchise.  Be a part of this grand revolution and join us by spreading the good word about our noble enterprise.  Don’t stand for it when you see a beloved childhood classic like Ghostbusters turned into a lame manga comic.  Don’t purchase some super hero comic because now the twist is they’re zombies or fighting in a civil war.  Together we can overcome the mediocrity that this once great industry has devolved into!  Fight the good fight and stand by our side as Black Snow Comics ushers in a new era and topples the tyranny of old!

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