Welcome, again

If today’s Something Awful story has anything like the success of the last one then I’m expected a lot of new people will be discovering Black Snow for the first time.  Well, let me take a moment to welcome you.  I’m series co-creator and artist Michael Balistreri.  Please take some time to really browse the site and get to know Black Snow and Day Camp.  We’ve got a lot of great resources and fun stuff to explore, tons of comics to read and it’s all FREE!  What have you got to lose?  Besides your precious and valuable time that is.  For a limited time only, if you are unsatisfied all time wasted will be refunded in full.  I will personally add it back and extend your life expectancy, so now you have literally nothing to lose.  So read the comics, check out the FAQ, browse the character profiles, check out the fun stuff section and look at all the rest of it if you really have some time to spend.

Oh, and I know it’s important to read Issue 1 to get the set up, but keep in mind that they get a lot better after that, and you’ll thank yourself if you continue on to 2.

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