Almost Famous

It’s coming…really quickly actually. I’ve been drawing the first I’M FAMOUS! and working on the new section of the website, and it’s all been coming along very nicely. I love the look and feel pretty damn good about my work so far. Expect to see the debut within the next couple days. Not too bad for just having conceived the idea on Friday afternoon.

One thing that struck me as I was drawing tonight was something that I knew, but forgot over time…The Lone Wolf is really weird. I’ve said he’s my favorite character, and he is, but damn is he one strange dude. The things he says are quite hilarious, but really bizarre. He has a very unique way of speaking and carrying himself. I’ve always really enjoyed coming up with his mannerisms to illustrate his foppish verbiage, in fact that may be why I love him so much.

But even all these reasons are not what struck me tonight. What came flooding back to me was how weird looking he is and how difficult to draw. He is very different looking then anyone else I draw, I don’t even remember how I came up with the character design. I know I wanted him to have some visual comparisons to Black Snow, mostly to make the Lone Wolf look like a superior version of a hero. There seems to be more elements of anime in him than any of the others. A bragging anime Kiss dandy? I really couldn’t tell you. I can tell you that he takes a lot of detail and concentration to draw well, and has always been a challenge.

Perhaps the thing I’m most excited about now is that I’ll get to spend a lot of time mastering the character and exploring all his elements. I can’t wait to see where he takes us, as it’s already somewhere in the debut that I don’t think we could ever go with the comic book. You’ll see what I mean. I look forward to refining the look and expanding the dimensions of this intriguingly unique, fairly enigmatic hero.

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