I have “news” for “you”


Attention, the Lone Wolf is about to speak. Last night while dining with my Pièce de résistance, the Wolf Pack, I happened upon what I thought was a drifter, a vagabond on the loose of the city streets. He wore dirty shorts and sandals, and had hair that was MOST curly. Imagine my surprise when the Wolf Pack informed me he was not a drifter, merely a man walking home. I found this most troubling. People of this city have ceased to take any PRIDE in their appearance.

Certainly I do not expect the highest standards for worshipers of the dirt and mud but is it not a shared value of Christian, Jew, and Islamic to dress as if every day we might be brought before God, or Yahweh, or the like? As for my food, I had the SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALLS. There were big men at the table next to me talking of Obama (?) and other such mushy mouth nonsense. Memorial Day was brought up and I laughed because to me EVERY DAY is memorial day. How I love everyday, and loathe every night. Too many “drifters” if you catch my meaning. And why would you? Worm.

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