I’M FAMOUS! 41 – Fame

I'M FAMOUS! 41 - Fame - webcomic
I'M FAMOUS! 41 - Fame

#5 of 12 written exclusively by ME! I spent some time on this one, because I feel it is really important. I went back and forth a few times on exactly how I wanted to lay this out, panel-wise.   I also rewrote this dialogue several times.  It is a very uncharacteristic moment for the Lone Wolf, showing genuine emotion and openness, while be quite revealing and shockingly lucid.  I wanted to rewrite it because I was worried about accurately capturing his voice during this scene, since what he was saying was so unlike his norm.

Why is it important? Alex and I talked a couple times about worrying that the Lone Wolf was too far out there for anyone to relate to, and wanted to humanize him.  That’s when I told him my theory about the Lone Wolf: Everything came too easily to him too quickly and now nothing satisfies him. He’s numb to the world, thus his need to over exaggerate everything and behave so eccentrically in an attempt to actually feel something of substance.  To me that is the true driving force behind this webcomic.  This plane arch was primarily written as a way to tell this to the readers.

Again, it’s not overtly funny.  There is irony in the fact that the most lucid moment the Lone Wolf has demonstrated thus far has come only from being drunk.  It’s also funny to me that Nicole’s reaction to the Lone Wolf’s deep seeded sorrow is to get drunk herself so that she does not have to empathize with him and actually share his pain.  Have you noticed by now that virtually all the main characters in this strip are alcoholics?

Much of what I’ve explored here with the drinking, self loathing and pity has been more thoroughly explored with Black Snow in the comic books.  As you’ve probably caught onto by now that is one of the main themes I’m interested in.  Why?  I don’t know.  I like the darkness and the places it takes us.

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