I’M FAMOUS! 42 – Courage

I'M FAMOUS! 42 - Courage
I'M FAMOUS! 42 - Courage

#6 of 12 written by me!  Half way there.  I like this one as it’s a return to straightforward comedy.  For some reason we’ve really gotten a lot of play out of this reference to alcohol as liquid courage and the Lone Wolf and Wolf Pack not understanding that.  I think it’s funny, so that’s what counts!  Of course this ends with another alcohol related punchline.  Everyone wants to get drunk! Just like real life.

Alex was struck by how dweeby Eric looks in his street clothes when he read this one for some reason.  We really wanted to get him out of the Nazi uniform for some time and regretted making that part of the character.  A stupid idea by dumb teenagers? Maybe.  Alex thinks so.  Well, he’s out of the uniform now.  I actually missed it at first and it took some time to get used to his new look, even though I came up with it entirely on my own.  The biggest difference is the lack of hat, though we have shown his hair in Black Snow in  the past.  The premise for the new look was something to fit his personality, and honestly he is a bit dweebish.  He’s a cultured, literary man with a military background and thus he dresses fairly neatly and looks organized.  You don’t like it?  Oh well.

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