Always Trust a Nazi

I'M FAMOUS! 53 - Always Trust a Nazi

I found this to be a rather silly/stupid one, but it’s still pretty funny.  I really like the way it came out, especially with posing the people.  It also marks the debut of Lone Wolf’s back!  Yet another reference the him having some sort of Nazi affiliations in his past.

So why so silly?  Mostly because of Eric.  He is supposed to be our most intelligent and grounded character, both in I’M FAMOUS! and Black Snow, yet is fairly prone to saying stupid things in odd ways.  He has a strange, somewhat inconsistent tone to him that has never quite reconciled with who the character is supposed to be.  He is especially odd and buffoonish here.  Why would he feel the need to tell Nicole that? And why would she just accept what he has to say?  I don’t know.

Of course I’m being hypercritical of this, and I doubt many fans out there pay as close attention as I do to the dialogue in our webcomic and its consistency to the overall tone of the characters and plot.  That’s the way it should be though.  Aren’t we always our own toughest critics?  I suppose I should try to not take these so seriously and not hold them up to the scrutiny of reality.  I don’t normally judge the really funny ones by those standards, so maybe we just need to be funnier!

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