I’M FAMOUS! 54 – The Movie

I'M FAMOUS! 54 - The Movie
I'M FAMOUS! 54 - The Movie

HA!  Good stuff here.  I know I’ve been a bit critical, perhaps overly critical, of the strips lately and I couldn’t tell you exactly why.  Taking it all bit too seriously maybe.  In retrospect those last few are funnier than I first thought, and I don’t dislike them as much anymore.  I like this one.  It’s a return to form for this silly, stupid little insane comic.  It captures the manic insanity that I think makes this strip really funny, and it even makes the Lone Wolf the straight man!  Who would’ve thunk?

I really love the look of the comic these days.  I think it’s quite beautiful and feel very satisfied.  Perhaps I’ve finally locked down a style I can stick with for awhile. Those little dabs of color really add something to the overall look.  I really like the way I posed this one and gave it some energy.  All that was written was the dialogue, without any kind of description of the actual scene.  What you see here came purely from my imagination.  I think I’m getting better at staging the characters and coming up with more interesting composition, which can be a challenge when it’s usually just people standing around talking.

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