Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures

As you may know I’m always on the search for good Halloween music. I first heard this band while recently watching Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2.  If you’re wondering, they were pretty much the only thing I enjoyed about the movie.  Well, them and Malcom McDowell’s arrogant new spin on the Dr. Loomis character.  Any, check out this Hillbilly Halloween band that found success while opening for Rob Zombie.

This Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures performing Transylvania Terror Train in Halloween 2.

Honky Tonk Halloween with clips from Halloween 2.

This is Zombie A Go Go. It seems to be their big single, and their catchiest song.

Day of the Dead off the Halloween 2 soundtrack.

Macon County Morgue, very country. Fan made video with different clips and still art.

There’s a lot more on YouTube if you’re really interested, or you can check out their official site at

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