Awkward Silence


If our comics have a trademark it’s probably our overuse of ellipsis.  These things dummy If we have another trademark it’s displaying awkward silence between characters.  That and its close cousin awkward shared glances between characters.

Awkward is funny.  Awkward moments where no one knows what to say or what is happening are funny.  Funny because they are real and happen all the time, but we don’t normally focus on them.  People try not to dwell on them and certainly don’t document them.  Well, most people don’t…we do!  Attempting them in a silent medium where the passage of time is totally subjective is a funny thing in itself and makes the entire thing even more bizarre.

I always enjoy them, and this one is no exception.  The ending is so dumb.  It cracks me up.  The violent change of mood mixed with stupid nonsensical follow up…Classic Lone Wolf!!!

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