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-Let me start by reiterating that TNA is awful.  Looks like the rest of the world finally realized that at one of the worst PPV’s in wrestling history, Bound For Glory.  The very predictable reveal of “They” to be Bischoff, Hogan, Jarrett and Abyss has done nothing but reinforce the fact that this company has no idea what it is doing.  Those 4 men suck.  1 isn’t a wrestler, 1 is an old man who can barely walk, one is an old man who was never a good wrestler and the last is a big goofy moron who has never been any good in the ring.  The only “surprise” was Jeff Hardy joining the group.  The only reason it was a surprise is because it doesn’t make any sense.  There was no reason for it.  It was a terrible idea since Hardy is one of the worst men on the mic and cannot pull this angle off.

Not to mention this is an obvious NWO rip off.  It doesn’t even pretend not to be!  TNA could not turn into anymore of a crappy clone of WCW’s dying days, and it has become all too clear.  Oh, and this new NWO group has already merged with Flair’s Fortune to form one huge cluster that derailed a whole episode of Impact last night.

It’s just crap.

Dixie Carter may be the worst actress in the history of pro wrestling, and that history is filled with a lot of bad acting.  She is awful and should not be allowed on TV.  And now she’s supposed to be TNA’s big good guy.  Ugh.

-Speaking of awful, I still hate Michael Cole.  I recently read Vince McMahon is very happy with him and that is why we have to put up with him on Raw and Smackdown now.  On Raw last Monday I heard him say that Daniel Bryan is the reason team WWE lost at Summerslam.  They WON, moron.  He also said Justin Bieber is a rapper.  Yeah, he knows pop culture.

His new antagonistic persona isn’t working.  Why?  For one he only does it very inconsistently, towards only certain wrestlers or situations.  It just doesn’t make sense.  Secondly, he sounds very forced when doing it.  It doesn’t come from anywhere genuine, and it is obvious when you listen to him.

-The Cena/Nexus storyline is still very good.  It has some legs and could go a few different routes, including the much talked about Cena heel turn.  Barrett has been golden, and his mistreatment of Cena has been very entertaining.  This dissent by David Otunga is somewhat intriguing.

-Speaking of the Nexus, I’m glad the loss of Skip Sheffield didn’t hurt the group, and I don’t think anyone will really miss Michael Tarver or Darren Young.  The likely addition of Husky Harris and Michael McGillicuddy should be good.  I’m not too high on McGillicuddy, but he’s not too bad in the ring.  I really like Harris, he was my favorite during NXT season 2.  He’s got a unique look, presence and way of speaking.  He reminds me a lot of Dusty Rhodes.

NXT season 3 has been downgraded to an online only show.  People really hated this all diva season and constantly complained about the lack of wrestling.  The IWC seems to hate women’s wrestling in general.  I like the show, and didn’t care that it was similar to the diva search we’ve seen in the past.  It was fairly entertaining.  I won’t watch it online though.  It’s not good enough for me to seek it out and watch it on a computer.  It was a good dvr show, nothing more.  BTW, Kaitlyn is my favorite.

-Glad to see CM Punk have such a strong debut on Raw last Monday.

He is one of the best and deserves a lot better than he was getting on Smackdown.  I was worried when I heard he’d be going to Raw, thinking that things would get even worse for him with such a top heavy main event seen, but his debut gives me some hope.

-Speaking of Smackdown, the main event feud between Kane and the Undertaker is boring.  I was happy for Kane to get his time to shine at the top after all these years, but seeing him fight his brother for the millionth time does not interest me.  Their characters are gimicky and outdated in the modern wrestling world.  This extends to their storylines and promos.  Fast forward through that and Smackdown is still a good show.

-I think the Jack Swagger and his Soaring Eagle are brilliant.

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