Fun Disney Halloween YouTube Videos

Disney has long been a source of Halloween joy for children and child-like adults. Whether it’s old cartoons, Halloween specials, the Haunted Mansion ride, the Nightmare Before Christmas, people can’t seem to get enough of Disney’s Halloween related material. Here are a few Disney Halloween videos I found while spending my time on the amazing time wasting device known as YouTube. There are literally countless hours more out there if you’d like to go waste some of your time.

Disney Villains in When You’re Evil

Trick or Treat featuring old Disney Cartoons

Grim Grinning Ghosts

Disney’s Halloween Treat – Intro (Remastered)

Disney’s Haunted Halloween

Disney Channel HA HA Haunted Halloween Ghost Host Heady #1 Mansion

Phantom Manor in Frontierland | Disneyland Paris

Disney Halloween Party 2007

Disney Halloween Spoof: Ghoulish Greeting #1

Hitchhiking Ghosts – Grim Grinning Ghosts

Donald’s Halloween Scare (2000)

Donald Duck – Trick Or Treat – 1952

Walt Disney : Lonesome Ghosts

Disney Mickey Mouse-Haunted House (1929)

Skeleton Dance 1929

Flathead by the Fratellis with Trick or Treat

A Disney Villain Halloween

Like I said, there is tons of this stuff on YouTube if you are so inclined. Hope you enjoyed this, I know I didn’t.

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