Stupid Funny?


This is a landmark comic for us.  No, not because it’s number 60.  Because it is so incredibly dumb. It honestly feels like the dumbest thing we’ve done.  Yet it is also really funny to me.   The tone and punchline reminds me of the stupid jokes Alex and I say to each while driving to lunch.  Just random dumb things that pop into our heads and make us both laugh.

I like the way it looks and I really enjoy the dynamic of our phone call comics.  The juxtaposition of two characters in totally different situations and environments having a conversation has a lot of inherent potential comedy and seems relatively untapped in the comic world.  That being said, they are a chore to draw.  The layout is more complex and it usually involves a lot more thought on how to depict both settings.  As you have probably noticed I prefer to draw characters as opposed to places and objects.  These phone conversations usually require me to step up my game and draw the things I normally try to avoid.  I suppose the challenge is a good thing and forces me to grow and improve.  This is similar to whenever the strip requires a brand new location.

I’m interested to see where this haunted hotel story line will lead. (Here’s a secret, it isn’t written yet.)

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