Married Life


That’s right, Daniel is married and his wife is pregnant.  Who knew?  No one, that’s who.  Not even me until I read it.  That works for me though, because Daniel is such a self centered man that he doesn’t think of or speak of his family to others.  It was my idea that Daniel is suddenly wearing his wedding ring, and purposely hadn’t worn it out in public.  Why?  Probably so he could cheat or at least think have people think he is a single man.

I really like drawing this one as it is something I don’t normally get to depict; domestic life.  I have not drawn many married characters or shown conversations between characters in relationships, so this is quite new and exciting for me.  It is also fun to see Daniel in a very different environment.  I chose soft pastels and muted beige for this strip to really set the feel for this suburban home life and show that it was not anywhere we had seen Daniel before.

If you know anything about Daniel’s background (read his bio) he is originally from Minnesota and had dreams of making it big in LA, and from this conversation we learn that his wife moved out west with him.  So what you see here is my idea of what his pregnant Minnesotan wife would look like.  I’m happy with it.  I think this ads a lot more dimension to Daniel’s drunken, pill popping Hollywood man character…though I still think he is a scumbag.  Even worse now actually.  I look forward to showing more of this relationship in the future.

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