I'M FAMOUS! 68I really like this one.  I’m happy that we’ve finally gotten to the movie making proper.  It’s true, people want explosions, not intellectual satire. I can’t tell you how many people comment upon reading Black Snow that there should be more fights.  Issue 5 was kind of my way of throwing them a bone while mocking the whole thing by going over the top.

I love the way this turned out, looks-wise.  You can really see a lot of emotion in the characters.  Rosenstein in the bottom panel is a particular favorite.  He’s so damn excited about the explosions he is imagining.  What a nut.  I really like Eric here as well.  I drew some subtle differences in his chin line and tried to emphasize what a small, thin man he is.  He is slight and meek.  I’ll probably keep the character design changes I attempted here.

If you’ve ever wondered what my handwriting is like, just look at the cursive in Eric’s notes.  The note thing is funny, and reminds me of Michigan’s journal entry in Day Camp.  I like creating the illusion that this takes place in a real world, these characters are real people, and the have real lives that we are only seeing small parts of.  Things like revealing notes adds to that.

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