On the Eve of Destruction

I'M FAMOUS! 72Happy New Year!  Tomorrow.  Hopefully your having a good eve.  Once again I drew this comic totally digitally with my new tablet.  I’m very happy with the results.  It was very quick to do and I already see a lot of improvement from my first digital attempt.  I learned a lot the first time and put it to use here.  There is still more to learn though.

Funny, I think this digital drawing looks much more inked than my standard traditional drawing, which actually uses ink.  That has to do with my ability to choose how wide I want my pen to appear and my templates ability to sense the pressure I’m applying to the pen.  Amazing how much this technology has improved and become affordable.  I remember when it was thousands of dollars not too long ago, and a mere  pipe dream.  Now you can get one for under a hundred.

I wrote this one.  I also wrote the next three you’ll be seeing.  Nothing as epic as the plane arch from a few months back, just simple silly jokes I had rumbling around in my head as I thought about this meeting.  I did my best to continue in the tone Alex had done, so hopefully it’s fairly seamless.  I think they’re funny.

I like that this one focuses a bit more on the Lone Wolf’s arrogance, more in line with his original depiction in Black Snow.  Sometimes I think we’ve turned him into more of a bumbling innocent fool now a days, but I like to remember that he has a darker side.  He can be quite rude, and I think he is smarter than he tries to appear.

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